United for Freeport

Election Day April 4

Candidate for School Board

Kacey Seal

What’s your story?

I was born and raised in Freeport, IL. I attended Freeport public schools for my entire education and graduated from Freeport High School in 1999.

I attended Highland Community College and graduated with honors in Cosmetology. I am currently a licensed cosmetologist of 10 plus years and a salon owner.

I have two children who are both enrolled in Freeport School District 145. Both my children are straight A students who are involved in several extracurricular activities.

My husband is a Building Tradesmen Journeyman for Local 219.

Are you involved in any volunteer organizations?

I volunteer my time and give back to my community in many ways. I have been involved giving free haircuts for veterans in the Park. I have hosted a free haircuts event at the local Salvation Army. I continuously donate my time and goods to our local school organizations and sports.

Where do you work?

I am a local hairdresser at my own salon in downtown Freeport. I have been working behind the chair for over 10 years. Through my work, I have come to know and understand a wide variety of our community members. Working with men, women and children of all ages and backgrounds, I feel as though I have my finger on the pulse of what makes up our community.

What are your goals for the office?

My main priority, if elected to this office, is to be a voice for our students and teachers. I want to ensure that safety and quality education are at the forefront of all decision making.

It is incredibly important to me that we work to support our teachers and their needs in all areas. The lack of teaching staff and the amount of turnover our district has is worrisome. We need to not only entice new educators to come to the area, but we need to focus on what needs to be done to retain the excellent teacher we currently have.

Focusing on the quality of our children’s education over all else. The education needs of our students are not currently being met. I would like to bring focus back to HOW can we better serve these children to make sure that they are given all the educational tools needed to go out into the world and succeed. I don’t want to see our children just get by with the bare minimum required. I want to make sure they have the opportunity to excel!