United for Freeport

Election Day April 4

Candidate for Park District Commissioner

Jon Watson

I’ve spent most of my 50 some years in Freeport. I love the parks and how they have been maintained. I hope to help continue Freeport’s dedication to beautiful, historic, family friendly public spaces.
My motivation to run boils down to public service. I hope to serve Freeport by listening to the needs of the whole community, while cheerleading for what I think is one of our community’s greatest assets—our public spaces, our parks, our trail system. While traveling the country I’ve experienced park systems all over, and ours is a gem that needs to remain so.

Things I’ve done that will influence my actions:
  . Advanced degree in history
  . Museum administration
  . Touring musician
  . Music teacher
  . College history instructor
  . Started a woodworking business
  . Work on grounds crew at HCC.
  . Visited hundreds of parks
  . Raised a family in Freeport.

Jon’s election material handout