United for Freeport

Election Day April 4

Candidate for School Board

Jean Howard

My name is Jean A. Howard, former Ms. Parker and also known as Ms. Jean and well known with many strong relationships in my community. I have lived in Freeport for the past 33 years. I have 4 children that were raised in the FSD.
I started out at age 15, in Chicago, working as a leader to bring other young children to recreational sites to get them off the streets. After my education, and a move to Washington DC, at age 22, I worked as an Administrative Assistant for the Red Cross DC Chapter. This office served military families as well as families that suffered disasters.
My work experience in Freeport includes working at Head Start, for the Sleezer Home and St Francis School for Exceptional Children and Ridge Terrace for Adults with Special Needs. For 15 years, from 2004 through 2019, I worked as a Specialized Para Educator and as the Coordinator of the Time-Out Classroom at the Freeport Middle School and Carl Sandberg.
During all these jobs, I have acquired a deep knowledge of the system that educates our children and it’s impact on their futures. I have gained the respect of students, staff and parents in our community. Some of my best memories are kids and parents contacting me years later, and telling me what a difference I made in their lives.
My priorities for this office would be:
  • I am a strong advocate for the students and their families. I will always put them first. The
  • education we give them impacts them for their entire lives.
  • I do not want to see books banned and history erased and will always advocate accordingly.
  • I will always stand up for children that are bullied and ostracized in our district no matter their race or gender.
  • I feel parents should be included in meetings about their children, particularly when it involves behaviors and concerns that might lead to expulsion.
  • I feel we need a crossing guard at the main intersection outside Center School. Those children are nine years or younger and they need more than a stop light