United for Freeport

Election Day April 4

Freeport School Board Elections

You can vote for all four
Jean Howard

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Martha Furst
Kacey Seal
Audrey Moore Howard

Freeport Park Commissioner Elections

You can vote for both
Sally Petersen
Jon Watson

Highland Trustee Elections

You can vote for all three
Paulette Williams
Colton Havens
Mary Kaufman

Candidates from Political Parties

Candidates who are also running from political parties are mentioned here. We will keep including them as we are made aware. Please inform if you think there are more that need to be mentioned.

Joy Sellers – Democrat candidate for Alderman-at-Large

Larry Sanders – Democrat candidate Ward 7

Cecilia Stacy – Democrat candidate Ward 5

Rachel Simmons – Democrat candidate Ward 3

Thomas Joseph Klemm – Independent candidate Ward 1

Andrew  Misek – Citizens candidate Ward 7

Troy Barr – Citizens candidate for Alderman-at-large